making unsolicited or unwanted Compact Discs useful

Don't toss 'em
Please don't just toss 'em
( no CDs were actually disposed of
in the making of this photo )

Like most people, you have probably received more than a few unsolicited CDs in the mail or stuffed in a magazine you purchased. You didn't want it, you don't care what's on it, but you have it just the same. Make good use of it. Our new CDCoaster kit allows you to make attractive, durable, individualized coasters from your unwanted or unusable Compact Discs.

The durable non-skid cork back protects your furniture from stains and scratches. We even include a disk to fill the hole in the center of the CD.

Compact discs make great coasters because...
  • they have attractive colorful labels created by professional graphics designers (Woefully underpaid professional graphics designers) and highly paid marketing consultants.
  • in most cases the labels are applied using a thermal printing process, they're durable and resist heat. In some cases they use a heat resistant applied or embedded label (isn't that Microsoft © ™ hologram just soooo cool!)
  • chances are you don't have more than one of the same CD so they act like wine charms, your guests can locate their drink easily by the coaster they're using, no matter how much they drink
  • they're light weight, washable, and they don't break easily. This has been confirmed by rigorous field tests in the CDCoaster labs.
  • it's the direct way to recycle them (recycling = good idea)
    and last but not least,

  • you've already ripped them to MP3, downloaded them to your player and your phone, so you really don't need them anymore

Hey You Corporate Climbers!

If you are in business, you might want to check the store room. I'll bet those outdated company information CDs that cost a mint to produce would make great marketing give aways as coasters. Otherwise, they are just so much clutter. Right?

I'll bet the bean counters (and the Boss) will love you for this one.

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